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Emerge Business Consulting provides its customers with comprehensive, value-added solutions – from the initial sales and software selection process through implementation, training, and on-going maintenance and support. Our certified consultants are experienced industry professionals with diverse knowledge and understanding of business, finance and accounting, and software systems. Emerge’s consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to implementing new software packages, training end users, and upgrading old systems.

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EMERGE Business Consulting

We are specializing in business management and integrated business software applications

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Emerge will collaborate with your management staff to deliver a range of services and software solutions based on your unique business needs


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    Emerge will consult with key personnel and management to ensure your business selects the appropriate business management and accounting software applications to meet your company’s needs.

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    Project Management

    Emerge will create a detailed project plan for your software implementation.

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    Data Migration

    Emerge will assist in the data migration from your legacy system to your new business application software.

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    Emerge will develop a comprehensive training schedule to ensure successful implementation and on-going use of your software.

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    Technical Support

    Emerge will be available to provide on-going maintenance, service, and support for you and your software applications.

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    Software Upgrades

    Emerge will provide all necessary consulting and support services to ensure your software and business practices are in line with the most current software applications.

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    Report Design

    Emerge will customize and design accounting, financial, and other essential business reports based on your organization’s needs and requirements.

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    Process Engineering

    Emerge will help create better work routines and definitions to help streamline workflows and facilitate more efficient business processes.

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